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Meet best-friends Nico and Thrax, who travel around the Ancient Greek world solving mysteries and fighting crime wherever they find it.


Inspired by my love of Sherlock Holmes, The Famous Five and a true-life encounter with a real detective on the Greek island of Poros twenty five years ago, ANCIENT GREEK MYSTERIES is a rollercoaster series that depicts life in ancient Greece as it really was. 



Book 1, MARK OF THE CYCLOPS was published by Bloomsbury on the 9th March 2017.


Book 2, SECRET OF THE ORACLE publishes on 5th October.


Book 3, PIRATES OF POSEIDON publishes March 2018.


Book 4, REVENGE OF THE CENTAURS publishes October 2018


All are illustrated by Freya Hartas.






Thrax and Nico accompany their master to a wedding in the city of Corinth.  During a party someone smashes a priceless wedding vase, a gift from the groom to the bride. The slave in charge of it is accused of the crime but she claims a cyclops climbed in through the window and smashed the gift. No one believes her except her mistress, who hires Thrax and Nico to find the real criminal.  


Their investigation soon brings them in contact with a dangerous gang of hoodlums who will stop at nothing to protect their secret operation. Will Thrax and Nico manage to unmask the criminal before the slave is sold on as punishment?  Or will the gang succeed in capturing them? 


I love the way it introduces characters from Greek mythology in an entirely natural way - Historical Novels Society Magazine.


Had us gripped...utterly involving and immersive - ReaditDaddy Blog


I can't wait for the sequel - amazon review.


Fun and exciting....brings Ancient Greece vividly to life - Our Online Book Reviews


Perfect as background reading for children at KS2 studying the Greeks - Fool On the Hill Blog.







When Thrax and Nico's visit the Oracle at Delphi with their master, they find themselves caught up in a dangerous adventure on Mount Parnassus. A local girl has gone missing. Her family are convinced she has run away but Thrax has suspicions she might have been kidnapped and is being held prisoner. But by whom? And why? The search for the truth brings Thrax and Nico into conflict with local priests and mountain bandits.