Published by Templar in the UK

Candlewick Press in the US

Illustrated by Catherine Hyde


Winner of the US Aesop Accolade, 2012




Someone is stealing King's Vaslav's golden apples, and rumour has it that it is the legendary firebird. The king wants the thief caught, be he man or beast. His two elder sons set out to do his bidding, only to return home defeated.  Will the third son, the foolish Prince Ivan, succeed where his two brothers have failed?


Ivan's quest takes him into the dark forest, where he meets the fabled grey wolf, the horse with the golden mane and the book-loving Princess Helen. But will he succeed in bringing the firebird home and win his father's kingdom?


This Russian folktale, originally called Prince Ivan and the Grey Wolf was one of the stories that inspired Stravinsky's world famous ballet. 


Saviour Pirotta's retelling is note perfect.

Just Imagine 


Beautifully recounted and brilliantly paired with artwork that makes this a splendid volume

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Retold in a clear, engaging style

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