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A Collins Big Cat title

Illustrated by Martina Peluso


Did you know that Saint George is the patron saint of more than one country? The original George is thought to have been a tribune in the Roman army serving under the emperor Diocletian. His parents were Syrian, both members of the aristocratic Ancini tribe. 


George's legendary encounter with the dragon is believed to have taken place in a city called Sirene, which was located either in Libya or Palestine. My retelling uses all these motifs to create an intriguing narrative for a multicultural age.


Princess Sabra leads a privileged life until her kingdom is attacked by a fierce, fire-breathing dragon. As she struggles to find a way of saving her city and her people from destruction, there seems to be only one solution, and it comes at a very high cost...but can the strange soldier who seems to appear out of nowhere help? Has he the courage and the skills to defeat the mighty dragon?


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GEORGE AND THE DRAGON is one of five folktales I have retold for the Collins Big Cats reading scheme.  You can see the other four titles below.