Published by Bloomsbury/A&C Black

Format: pb, ebook

Pages: 196

Reading age 9+

This is the first book in my ANCIENT GREEK MYSTERIES, an adventure mystery series set in Classical Greece. 


MARK OF THE CYCLOPS is the first title in a mystery adventure series called ANCIENT GREEK MYSTERIES. Published by Bloomsbury, it is part detective story in the style of Sherlock Holmes and part historical fiction. It is also packed with fantastic facts about life in Ancient Greece.


“You have a talent for solving problems. Find the real culprit and I’ll pay you in gold.” Nico’s new friend Thrax has a knack of figuring things out. And when a valuable wedding vase is smashed, his special skills come in useful.


Join Nico and Thrax as they unravel the mystery of the Mark of the Cyclops.





Complex themes of friendship and loyalty mix in with the adventure to make a cracking story. Coupled with Freya Hartas' charming and detailed illustrations, this makes Mark of the Cyclops the first in a series you should definitely put on pre-order. A great read. I like it a lot. - Dawn Finch, ABBA review blog.


A thrilling mix of Sherlock Holmes and Ancient Greece. Packed with wonderful characters and insights into daily Ancient Greek life.



I love the way the author introduces...characters from Greek mythology in an entirely natural way. I'm looking forward to more Thrax and Nico Ancient Greek Mysteries.

Historical Novel Society Magazine


Fun and exciting. Brings the world of Ancient Greece vividly to life.

Our Online Book Reviews


Utterly involving and immersing.






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