Illustrated by Freya Hartas

In the second book of the Ancient Greek Mysteries, Thrax and Nico travel to the mountain city of Delphi where Master Ariston wants to consult the famous oracle. They befriend a farmer and his wife whose daughter Selene disappears. The farmer is convinced that Selene run away but Thrax finds a clue in her bedroom that shows she's been kidnapped.


The farmer hires Thrax and Nico to find Selene but the quest pits them against a powerful priest called Abantes and his son Belos. Will they manage to outwit these two and rescue Selene before she is sold to pirates?  It's going to take all of Nico's courage and Thrax's cleverness to bring Selene home...

The plot twists and turns ingeniously - Historical Novel Society


An exciting race against time adventure - Books for Topics