Saviour Pirotta's storytelling is captivating. There is such respect in the research and tale. 'The Golden Horsemen of Baghdad' is a superb story for enquiring minds.


A stunning combination of historical fact and thrilling adventure. I felt I was walking the streets of Baghdad as I followed Jabir’s story.  Kirsty Fenn, Senior School Library Service Librarian, Leeds.


When 13 year old Jabir's father, a fisherman, dies, he leaves him in charge of his mother and three sisters. Jabir is no good at fishing and when the landlord threatens to throw the family out for falling behind with the rent, he moves to Baghdad to find work. 


This is 978CE and Baghdad is the most wondrous city in the world, full of opportunities for an ambitious young man like Jabir. But, caught stealing food, Jabir is thrown in prison.  He is rescued by an influential clockmaker who has heard Jabir is a talented whittler who makes toys for his sisters.  In return Jabir must carve twelve golden horsemen for a water-clock that the clockmaker is making for the Caliph Harun Al-Raschid.


There are only three weeks to make and gild the horsemen before the water clock is sent to the Emperor Charlemagne in Europe.  Jabir, the clockmaker and his daughter Yasmina have to work all day and all night to meet the deadline.  But someone seems to have it in for Jabir and will stop at nothing to stop him from finishing the horsemen on time, including arson.


When Jabir's secret enemy sets fire to the workshop, Jabir and Yasmina must find another way to finish making the golden horsemen on time. They need to seek help from Jabir's family in the desert. But the way there is full of danger and Jabir's powerful enemy is still after them...