Book 2 of


Has all the ingredients of a gripping adventure.

A great way to interest children in history.

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Once again, superb storytelling and history are combined

in a book from Saviour Pirotta

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Will be loved by boys and girls aged 8+

Crow is a very strong female role model.

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Wolf has returned to his village with the stolen spear but his life is far from peaceful. Determined to become a shaman, he is gifted a special amulet which gives him seeing dreams: mysterious visions of the future.


But Wolf’s rivalry with Rain takes a nasty turn and, when Moon is poisoned, the village rejects Wolf once again. In order to clear his name, Wolf leaves to guide a sickly Moon to find a cure — but it seems other dangers are following close behind.


A page-turning story that explores the mysteries of Stonehenge and what it meant to the people of the Neolithic and the early bronze age.