Illustrated by Catherine Hyde

[UK - Templar, 2010]

[US - Candlewick Press, 2010]




FIREBIRD is my own retelling of the story that inspired the famous ballet.  It tells of how Prince Ivan, with the help of magical and mysterious Grey Wolf, set off on a quest to find the elusive Firebird and in the process found true love and friendship.


Published to coincide with the centennary of the ballet, this is a very ambitious books with hypnotic artwork by my good friend Catherine.


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Illustrated by Nilesh Mistry


Originally published as Turtle Bay in 1998, this 10th anniversary re-issue is  the story of Taro and his old friend Jiro-San, an old man who spends day after day looking out to sea.  Is Jiro-san mad, as the children on the beach think, or does he know an ancient secret about the seas?



Child Education, January 1998
The theme of friendship is bound up in an inspiring ecological tale which celebrates the richness of marine life.

Jean Craighead George in LookSmart, Dec-Jan 1997
Mistry's superb, dreamlike illustrations may even prompt artistically inclined children to experiment with painting.


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Illustrated by Stephen Butler

US edition
US edition

This was one of my very first picture books to reach a mainstream audience and is still in print nearly twenty years after its first edition.  There is an Israeli version and several in the US, including a fantastic Ladybird one. It was read on a BBC programme too.

UK edition
UK edition

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Illustrated by Linzi West


Patrick is painting a picture of a cornfield - but what colours does he need and how does he make them?  Red for a squirrel, green for a frog, orange for a fox - as more and more animals sneak into his picture, Patrick has to put lots of colours on his palatte.  But his dog has other ideas...


A vibrant and delightful story that introduces colours and colour-mixing to children and includes a guide to making colours, perfect for all budding young artists.


Kirkus Reviews

This is one of those books where one wonders why it has not been done before: It is a non-didactic, festive introduction to primary colors and the colors created by combining them. A must for every library serving toddlers and teachers. 


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