by George, Year 5, Adel Primary, Leeds




Their brains were spinning round like music discs, it was their first time alone on a bus.  Joey, Jane and Mo were worried but at the same time, they were exhilarated. Rain was falling from the dark, October sky, that’s why they were going to the interesting, huge Leeds City Museum, which is known by many!  “Next stop!  Leeds City Museum!” screamed the kind bus driver Alice, she was always, and I mean always, driving the bus.

          They climbed off the double-decker bus to see the colourful Leeds Museum, they were mind blown.  “HELP!  ARTIFACTS ARE BEING STOLEN!” screamed hundreds of voices.  “It happened last night too!” said the staff.

          That night they stayed to investigate the Museum. Footprints were visible but they were funny shaped. “They’re probably to scare the poor public off,” Mo explained. Jane and Joey replied, “Yeah, you’re right!” They eventually decided to climb through the vents. “Look!” Joe shouted, “Seems like some torn leather. It will have been placed here recently.” They nervously traversed on into a crime scene.

          They followed the slimy, goopy footprints to nothing!  Night after night, they snuck in because, luckily, they figured out the culprit only strikes at night. Day after day, they went into the museum to see if anything had been stolen. 

          One night, they were caught by the thief and the police were after them.  “Run!” The scared, worried trio shouted. They were running like cheetahs! “Get back here!” the trio shouted at the thief and the police shouted at the trio. Luckily, the trio were gaining on the thief however so were the police. “No!” shouted the thief in a familiar voice as he tripped and spilled loads of precious artifacts, revealing he was the owner of the museum. The police were stunned.

          “Well well well… arrested!”  The trio was proud, Mo, Jane and Joey, they’d done a good deed!