GRANNY'S EXPLODING TOILET, a musical play, was commissioned by the Stephen Joseph Theatre in Scarborough and premiered on the 29th October 2019. 


Based on real incidents from my own granny's life, it tells the story of Sam, an eleven year old boy. He lacks confidence but when his gran escapes from prison in a desperate bid to save her house from crumbling into the sea, Sam has to find the confidence to help. Aided by granny's pet snake and followed by her ex-boyfriend Joe the Toe and his new squeeze Cosy Rosy, Sam and Gran have to find grandpa's long lost treasure before the law catches up with them.


A breathtaking adventure in which Sam finds his courage, Granny finds a royal skeleton in the cupboard and Joe the Toe finds out you should never put your hand in Granny's handbag.


Granny's Exploding Toilet sold out its entire run at the Stephen Joseph.